Art factory · Exclusive customization service

Hisbalit’s exclusive Art Factory personalisation service is one of the hallmarks of the company, offering the possibility to create customised projects using an “a la carte” range of colours, textures, motifs, compositions, etc.

We are dedicated to creativity and customisation, and thanks to the Art Factory any design idea can be brought to life in mosaic tile.

We invite clients to imagine let their imagination soar, playing with our extensive pallet of colours and wide range of formats and textures, creating entirely unique, customised designs ideal for any surface. Walls and floors, indoors and outdoors, there are no limits for Hisbalit mosaic tiles.

Discover all the secrets of Hisbalit’s customisation service in this video!

1.- Customized designs, motifs and drawings

Starting from a blank canvas we can turn any type of design into a Mosaic: an idea, a drawing, a sketch, a work of art, a photograph, etc. Handcrafted, piece by piece, these designs are fitted to the space where they will be installed and provided numbered and with a simple diagram for easy installation.

Based on an initial design concept, our design team reinterprets the idea in mosaic tile. Then, with painstaking craftsmanship, the tiles are applied manually in the factory to complete the final design. Tile by tile, sheet by sheet, the tesserae are placed manually as in a giant puzzle.

2.- Colour customization of our design colections

Based on one of the designs from our design collections, (Les Classiques, Palm Springs, Black & White, Petite or Doppel Design) the colours or finishes of the design are customised to meet the needs of each project.

3.- IDENTITY: printing on mosaic tile

Would you like to imprint a mosaic tile with photographs, logos, letters, drawings or motifs that cannot be reproduced with tesserae? With ‘Identity’ we can imprint any image or design onto a mosaic tile using ceramic pigments that will remain unalterable over time.

Unique creations for spaces bursting with style and personality.

4. LETTERING: typography in mosaic tile

Hisbalit presents ‘Lettering’, the first collection of typography in mosaic tile. A meticulous selection of 4 lettering styles and 16 different fonts, designed in square (2,3×2,3cm y 4×4 cm), round or hexagonal formats.

Each font includes options in lower and upper letters and numbers.

Want to make changes to the letter? It’s possible to modify and personalise the fonts to adapt to each project!