WONDER GALAXY, by Patricia Bustos, wins the Frame Awards 2020 for “Best Use of Colour”

We’re celebrating! The futuristic dressing room “Wonder Galaxy” by Patricia Bustos, where we presented DOPPEL, was the winner of the prestigious FRAME AWARDS 2020, in the “Best Use of Colour” category. This is one of the most highly regarded international awards in the world of architecture and interior design.

Inspired in the hip aesthetic of the 1960’s and 70’s, the project invites us into a surreal world of colour; a three-dimensional sci-fi film fantasy evoking the creative energy and imagination of childhood.
Through this “Futurist childhood revival”, Patricia Bustos questions why as adults we tend to lose our sense of fantasy and imagination becoming more serious and formal. The solution lies in colour, which the designer uses to inspire creativity and wonder with a fantastic range of iridescent and velvet tones in mosaic tile, creating a futuristic dressing room, an alternative reality, perfect for superheroines.

The designer used Hisbalit mosaic tiles throughout the space, an eco-friendly and highly versatile material the invites exploration of new applications. To add a refreshing touch to the atmosphere, Patricia used mosaic tiles in pink, blue and powder white colours, the unmistakable hallmark of her work.

Simplicity and sinuosity

Patricia Bustos wanted her futuristic dressing room to be curved and sensuous with a decidedly feminine feel, but it would also need contrast to provide balance and order. She achieved this by using DOPPEL, our new rectangular tile. The clean lines and matte white finish of this tile was perfect for the arches of the Wonder Galaxy, giving a feel and endless depth— A unique aesthetic universe that makes this a dazzling galaxy of imagination and wonder!

The designer also used a personalised mix and our anniversary collection to create unique, custom designs. Want to know all the details? Click here!