We’ve returned to Casa Décor. Care to join us?

We’ve returned to Casa Décor. Care to join us?

Casa Décor

Casa Décor 2018 opened its doors to the public on February 15th. This is the most important interior design event in Spain held in Madrid until the 25th of March with the participation of top designers and firms in luxury, habitat and lifestyle.

We’re back again for another year, participating in this 53rd edition of Casa Décor in a special way. We’re playing a big part! Curious?

  • 6 prestigious designers have looked to Hisbalit to decorate their spaces 
  • They have used out exclusive Art Factory service to create their unique and personalised designs

 Thus, unique and personalised designs in mosaic tiles have become the latest trend in this newest edition of Casa Décor.

Care for a tour of the spaces with the Hisbalit touch?

Time travel, Miriam Alía. Espacio Hager (public bathrooms), 4th floor (space 60)

Casa Décor

The designer found inspiration in the most transgressive style of the 20th century, a return to 60`s chic with a refreshed and glamourous touch. Hisbalit contributed the incredible floor to the project, a personalised design using the Stone collection made possible by Hisbalit’s Art Factory.

Samsung Club Restaurant, Beatriz Silveira

Restaurant for Samsung, 1st floor (space 8)

Beatriz Silveira

Beatriz makes striking use of tiles on the walls with a unique Art Factory design, created exclusively for this restaurant. The Art Deco inspired design fills the space with elegance and style.

Osadía, Rebel Kitchen, Patricia Bustos

Kitchen, 4th floor (Space 56)

Casa Décor

This space exudes a sensual aesthetic, recalling the exoticism and naturalism of Japan. The tile floor, created with Hisbalit’s Art Factory is a key element to the space: geometric patterns, a fusion of trendy colours, design…  a dream kitchen!

Apartment for Ofelia, Raúl Martins

Espacio Natuzzi, 3rd floor (Space 49)

Casa Décor

A balanced design combining eclectic architecture and a touch of bohemian cool. The floor by Hisbalit’s Art Factory takes its inspiration from the three elements of the space: geometric forms, straight lines and elegance.

Slow life child, Blanca Hevia

Baby Room, 3rd floor (Space 45)

Blanca Hevia

The designer invites us to turn bath time into playtime. An inlaid hopscotch court in mosaic tiles leads to a beautiful bathtub standing on Hisbalit’s Radial tiles by the Art Factory. A perfect combination!

Tropical Lunch, VG Living

Dining room, 4th floor (Space 53)

Casa Décor

Virginia created an Art Deco inspired cabinet finished in brass and Hisbalit mosaic tiles. An original design that adds colour and sophistication to this fresh and cheerful space.

See the before and after of some of our spaces.


Come see the latest designs from Hisbalit! We’re expecting until the 25th of March at c/Francisco de Rojas, 2, Madrid!

Want more details about our projects and the latest trends from Casa Décor 2018? Find it all at OUR BLOG !