We’re launching two new references of the Doppel collection!

November brings two new references to Hisbalit’s Doppel collection: Doppel 576 and 575, in red and beige respectively. Two warm and harmonious colours that connect with nature, transmitting serenity and elegance.

Hisbalit Doppel Models

With these earthy new models Hisbalit expands the number of options available in rectangular mosaic tile from 6 to 8.

Doppel evokes one of the most traditional and essential forms in architecture: the rectangle. Both static and dynamic, traditional and modern, Hisbalit’s rectangular collection is an invitation to create captivating geometric designs through the interplay of perfect double square rectangles. With its exact 1:2 proportions, Doppel can be used to give a feeling of order and balance, solidity and security to any space.

Create different sensations depending on the orientation of the tiles: install the tiles horizontally to create a sensation of calm and repose or give verve and dynamism to a space by installing the tiles vertically. A diagonal installation or combining different orientations will create a striking interwoven visual.

All Doppel references can be used to personalise any of the 11 models of the new Doppel Design collection.

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