The most spectacular pools in the United Kingdom are surfaced with Hisbalit mosaic tiles

Need inspiration for your new pool design project? We present the projects that are taking the UK by storm this season. Two wellness centre pools (one indoor and one outdoor) have received the highest awards in the sector. Both were designed by Falcon Pools and, best of all, both are surfaced with Hisbalit mosaic tiles, distributed by The Mosaic Company.

Mejor piscina interior de Reino Unido revestida con mosaico Hisbalit

This is the “most spectacular indoor pool in the United Kingdom”, which won the  “gold” at the prestigious British Spata Awards organised by the BISHTA and SPATA associations.

The awards recognise the best achievements in the design, construction, installation and innovation in wellness spas in the United Kingdom.

For the 2019 edition of the Awards, held in February, the top prize went to the pool. This indoor residential pool project has outstanding quality, style and opulence.

Falcon Pools, well known for its luxury pools, designed a rectangular pool with a small spa incorporated into one of the corners. With a perfect design and proportions the result is a uniquely elegant pool.

Designer surfaces

Do you know what materials the designers chose for the surfaces? The chose our ecological mosaic tiles due to their high quality and versatility in terms of design.

This is an anti-allergen surface with 0% absorption, highly resistant to chemical agents and remains unaltered over time. Hisbalit’s mosaic tile have an average life span of 35 to 40 years.

Falcon Pools selected Hisbalit’s  Niebla 140 reference. This is a unique colour, between Hisbalit’s grey tile and blue tile ranges with irregular and blurred effect that gives a spectacular impression when in contact with water and when receiving indirect light through the windows.

The secret to the best outdoor pool

La mejor piscina exterior de Reino Unido revestida con mosaico Hisbalit

The best outdoor pool in Britain is also the work of Falcon Pools. Winner of the prestigious UK Pool & Spa Awards in 2018, this pool is an outstanding combination of symmetry and a striking colour of the water which simulates the sea. This affect is achieved by using an original combination of grey and blue mosaic tiles.

Thanks to possibilities offered by  Hisbalit’s mix configurator, available at our website, Falcon Pools created a personalised combination by using various references from the Niebla collection. The result is a unique and distinctive look that makes all the difference.

The combination of blue and grey tones gives the water to look of a tropical paradise, in perfect harmony with the surrounding vegetation.