Eco-friendly Hisbalit mosaic tiles, the perfect surface for sustainable pools

Hotel Pueblo Astur | Mármara


Environmentally responsible pools created using of eco-friendly materials will set the trend in the design and construction of wellness spaces.

Private Pool Nuria Alía | Mikonos Aqualuxe

The future is designer pools with ecological awareness, surfaced with hygienic materials that guarantee cleanliness and the highest water quality in wellness spaces. Our Aqualuxe collection, with a pearlescent finish that changes with the light is one of our most popular collections, ideal for designer pools with a commitment to sustainability. Environmental responsibility is the hallmark of Hisbalit. Our mosaic tiles are manufactured from high-quality recycled glass from other industries. The company also uses an entirely clean and environmentally responsible production system, using no water, all-natural mineral pigments and electric kilns that emit no harmful gases. The result is a product that is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, with a great deal of added-value.

Finca Avedín | Niebla 118

Hygienic and antiallergenic surfaces

Another priority, especially after the Covid 19 health crisis, is to guarantee optimum hygiene and the highest water quality in wellness areas. For this, the use of hygienic, durable materials that are easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants, such as our mosaic tiles.

Zante | Aqualuxe

Hisbalit mosaic tiles are non-porous, resistant to the appearance of fungi and bacteria. This material is totally hygienic and antiallergenic, resistant to chemical agents and totally inalterable over time with an average life span of 30 to 40 years.

Jónico | Proyecto: Vázquez i Benages | Foto: Delauz Dron

“Customised” outdoor spaces

Private pool Nuria Alia | Mikonos + Art Factory

Personalisation with continue to be the trend in the summer 2020 with designer pools and outdoors spaces created using a la carte colours, patterns and motifs. Thanks to Hisbalit’s Art Factory service, any idea can be brought to life in mosaic tile for pool surfaces and outdoor spaces.