Presentation of new 2022 collections at Casa Decor

At 10:00 on April 27th, Hisbalit presented the “latest trends in eco-friendly mosaic tile 2022/2023” with the participation of renowned designers and professionals of the sector.
This very special event was held at the Casa Decor auditorium with special guests Patricia Bustos and Virginia Gasch, who explained in detail their reasons for choosing Hisbalit’s new RAW collection, with an artisanal aesthetic, for their projects in Casa Décor 2022.

The audience of over 30 people were surprised to discover all the details of Hisbalit’s most fresh and cheerful collection, GLACÉE, presented in this very original way.

This new series has a sweet and harmonious chromatic range, dappled with refreshing touches of light and movement.

Guided tour of «Tacto Sereno» and «Vitamina Home»

Following the media presentation we enjoyed a Mediterranean-style breakfast from Life Gourmet Catering, by the renowned chef Ramón Freixa. We were then given a guided tour of the Casa Décor 2022 spaces «Tacto Sereno» and «Vitamina Home» by the hand of their creators: Patricia Bustos and Virginia Gasch, respectively.

Hisbalit also took advantage of the occasion to present the latest trends in interior design and décor along with these renowned and beloved interior designers.