Microsoft Spain recognises the SUCCESS STORY of our Power Apps implementation project for warehouse management

Hisbalit is thrilled! Microsoft Spain has recognised as a “Success Story” our project to implement Power Apps to streamline our warehouse management, developed by Arbentia.

At Hisbalit we have implemented Microsoft Power Apps to improve and simplify the inventory management system at our logistics warehouse. Microsoft Power Apps gives us to access specific, real-time information from anywhere, to ensure our stock matches the management data unified in Dynamics 365 Business Central, the platform which connects accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and client transactions.

According to Carlos Melgosa, Hisbalit’s Commercial Director: “After implementing management software for ERP, the next logical step was the implementation of a warehouse module. Arbentia analysed our situation and together we decided on Microsoft Power Apps for the level of reliability they offer, as well as the convenience, simplicity and flexibility, all vitally important aspects for us.”

Hisbalit, founded in 1964, is the oldest mosaic tile manufacturer in Europe and a leader in the design and production of high-quality mosaic tiles in Spain. The company is dedicated to creativity, customisation and environmental sustainability, maintaining the craftsmanship of traditional production methods as the essence of the company. With over 55 years of history, Hisbalit is now operates in over 70 countries around the world.

Streamlined management anytime, anywhere

The initial problem facing the company was basically mobility. There were communication problems between our inventory management tool and the rest of our business management systems and it could only be used within the facility. Thanks to Microsoft Power Apps, Hisbalit has solved this problem and can now cover the same needs, simplify processes and improve productivity, using any smartphone with a camera and internet connection. In this way, we have substituted our costly, specialised inventory control and bar reading system which also required a specific internal network for the devices in the logistics centre.

“At Hisbalit, we had a specialised tool that didn’t meet all of our needs. The challenge was to perform the same operations while adding all the mobility of a smartphone. Since we were already using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we wanted an application that was perfectly integrated. Before, our tool was limited to the range of the radio antennas installed in our logistics centre, but thanks to the application we’ve developed using Microsoft Power Apps, the problem has been solved while also reducing our costs.”, said Ángel Gorostiaga, Hisbalit’s financial director.

With Microsoft Power Apps, Arbentia has developed a customised solution to our needs that is fully integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central. And so, very simply, we have deployed a mobile app with a simple, five-button interface that covers all the needs operators may have.

Power Apps, customised applications for every business

Microsoft’s Power Apps tool for creating mobile, desktop and web-based applications allows businesses to create and deploy their own solutions quickly, with savings of up to 70% compared to traditional development, according to a study by Forrester for Microsoft.

The process is very simple, allowing professionals who are not necessarily specialised technicians to use predesigned screens, adapting them to their needs using a simple drag and drop function, and continuing to develop the design and functionalities as necessary. Additionally, flexibility and simplicity are not incompatible with advanced functions since the platform allows the use of components that are generally only available to developers, such as the predesigned modules with AI components.

In our case, we have largely streamlined our stock management processes, reducing the daily workload with continuous, fluid communication between management devices, now simple smartphones, and our database. This has substantially improved productivity and reduced costs.