Play of geometric shapes, floral motifs, prints…the key to personalised pool design!

Hisbalit mosaic tiles have become an essential element in creating pools with a unique personal style

Personalisation is here to stay in pool design. This summer, designers and décor professionals are dedicated to creating uniquely original pool environments with a personal touch, taking advantage of the infinite possibilities offered by Hisbalit mosaic tiles. Edges, borders, compositions, print designs, colours, textures, finishes… There is no limit. You can choose from our palette of over 200 colours and create original and innovative designs in any format and finish.

Exclusivity with Identity Mosaic

Any drawing or design imaginable can be installed in a pool thanks to Hisbalit’s Identity Mosaic, a collection “where there is no catalogue”. It is possible to create entirely personalised mosaic tile designs from a photograph, drawing or motif, making your pool a unique and permanent work of art by printing the chosen design onto the mosaic tiles.

This is the case, for example, of the Hotel Sanguli in Cambrils, where a photograph of Polynesia was used to create a pool tile design covering 36 metres.

Welcome to Palm Springs! Fill the pool area with life

The Mid-Century Modern aesthetic has returned to décor. This collection, inspired by the classic Palm Springs style, aims to open the doors to a lively and elegant style with surprising, chic designs.

Pastel pinks, yellows, greens and blues were the colour palette par excellence during the golden years of Palm Springs. Additionally, Hisbalit is introducing the most vibrant tones of these colours together with exciting reds and oranges. Totally customised designs with a relaxed freshness and vitality to create unique and original spaces.

This collection is ideal not only for decorating the basin of your pool but also the surrounding area. The daring designs of the Welcome to Palm Springs collection create an inviting atmosphere full of personality and elegance.

Travelling “Through the Seven Seas”

Browse through Hisbalit’s “Through the Seven Seas” catalogue and take a journey to different continents to discover their characteristic styles and motifs. This is an innovative series of designs inspired by oceans and seas across the world, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific, the Indian to the Atlantic.

Geometric play, floral motifs, textile patterns, animal prints… A collection that combines over 40 designs to be customised to your taste. This service allows you to combine different proposals and adapt them to the size, shape and depth of your pool.

Everything is possible with Art Factory

The option to personalise any of these collections is made possible by Hisbalit’s exclusive Art Factory service, allowing you to combine colours, change the distribution of the motif or to create an original design from scratch. Let your imagination soar with Hisbalit and we will take you through the whole creative process, with advice and options to play with your mosaic tiles and create unique effects to your complete and personalised satisfaction.