Official launch of our new collection DOPPEL


On February 6th, Hisbalit officially launched its new collection DOPPEL, inspired by the centenary of the Bauhaus School and the 50th anniversary of the death of Mies Van Der Rohe, to be commemorated in 2019.

In homage to the most important design school in history, we have revived an aesthetic and functional format that has endured over time as the “double square rectangle” for our new collection. This is also an expansion of the number of Hisbalit formats from 4 to 5. We now offer two square formats (2.3×2.3 cm and 4×4 cm), a round format, a hexagonal format and the new rectangular format (2.3×4.7 cm).


The event, held at the auditorium of Casa Décor 2019, was attended by over thirty of the leading interior designers and architects and media. They were struck by the proportionality, harmony and simplicity of our new double square rectangle.

The participation of the interior designer Patricia Bustos

The presentation also included a special surprise: the participation of the interior designer Patricia Bustos, who choose DOPPEL as the star material for her dressing room of the future “WONDER GALAXY”.

“It was clear to me that the dressing room of the future would have curves and a feminine, sinuous aspect but it would also need a counterpoint to give balance and order. I think this was achieved with the new Hisbalit format” explained Patricia.

The designer, a self-declared devotee of Hisbalit mosaic tiles, also highlighted the advantages of the new product and all of Hisbalit’s tiles: adaptability to all types of surfaces, including curves. “I needed a material to cover the archways of the dressing room. I choose DOPPEL in white and the result is surprising” affirmed Patricia.

The presentation of the new Hisbalit collection included a breakfast and a visit to the space by Patricia Bustos in the 54th edition of Casa Décor. This was an ideal opportunity for attendees to see the product applied and to experience the harmony and balance of the rooms.

Simplicity, harmony personality, purity… Not familiar with DOPPEL yet? It’s now available in the catalogue of our new collection at our website.