New décor catalogue!

Launch! The new Hisbalit décor catalogue for 2022 is now available. A complete manual of inspiration showing products applied to all types of surfaces in different colours, formats and finishes.
The catalogue is available in both physical and digital format, with some 300 pages, presenting each collection with real projects from renowned architecture and design studios. The catalogue presents the wide variety of applications and endless versatility of Hisbalit mosaic tiles: homes, hotels, restaurants, terraces, facades, offices, shops and commercial spaces, etc.

Another novelty in the catalogue, a guide to the latest trends in mosaic tiles for 2022, is the RAW collection of mosaic tiles with a traditional artesian aesthetic inspired in natural materials and fibres.

The GLACÉE collection is another new surprise, evoking the joy of summer with this fresh and vibrant collection of six attractive mixtures of mosaic tile in pastel colours with a slow touch, dappled with refreshing touches of light and movement.

The catalogue also includes the Elements collection, another new product for 2022. This collection invites you to discover the strength of metals in four models of mosaic tile with reflections and contrasts that change depending on the light: Aurum, Copper, Platinum and Mercury.

Lettering, the first collection of typographical mosaic tiles is another novelty from Hisbalit for this year. A careful selection of tiles that include 4 styles of lettering and 16 different fonts, available in square (2.3×2.3cm and 4×4 cm), round and hexagonal formats.

Hisbalit also presents Les Classiques, a collection of our most emblematic designs. This is a timeless collection of warm, elegant designs that will endure over time. Classic, harmonious and symmetric patterns that can be customised to meet the needs of any project.