After months of inspiration, we’re taking the plunge! We invite you to enjoy a plunge into the latest trends with an eco-friendly focus through a refreshing new edition of our magazine MODEH. Designs bursting with colour, innovative chromatic ranges, surprising mosaic tile applications…

In MODEH 11 you’ll discover the details of our latest catalogue for pools and spas, including the Reef collection, inspired in the natural beauty and environmental richness of tropical reefs. We will also give you all the details of Black & White, a designer mosaic tile collection that is causing a stir and becoming the hottest trend in prestigious trade fairs in the sector, including Casa Decor, where Hisbalit again had a presence. We’ll give you the highlights of our 3 favourite spaces!

For an added touch, in this edition we’ve taken a virtual trip to Palm Springs, through vibrant projects that recall the glamourous mecca of modernism. Once back home, we’ll pay a visit to Mallorca to discover a home that blends into the natural landscape, entirely designed to fully experience and enjoy the island and its climate.

The final section of the magazine includes a special surprise. We’ve interviewed Nobohome,, one of the leading design firms creating boutique apartments in Barcelona. We’ll discover the essence of their style and the secrets of their successful renovations