Marbella Design FAIR with the In Out Studio and Sandra Amate

Hisbalit is participating for the first time in the interior design and décor exhibition “Marbella Design Fair” to be held at the Palacio de Ferias, Congresos y Exposiciones of the city from July 4th to 15th. Over 40 renowned professionals from over 160 firms will participate in the event, making Marbella into the design and luxury brand capital of the summer.

The interior designers will display the latest trends of the sector through spaces filled with life and colour with a choice of exclusive materials such as personalised combinations in Hisbalit mosaic tiles or designs created using our Art Factory personalisation service. Customised projects that set the trend in two spaces of this second edition of the fair. In Out Studio and Sandra Amate looked to Hisbalit for surfaces, bringing colour and personality to their creative concept.

 “Violet Bliss” | In out Studio “ESPACIO 3 E”

Nayra Iglesias from In Out Studio wanted Hisbalit mosaic tiles to be one of the protagonists of his suite “Violet Bliss”. The result is an unusual bedroom reflecting contrary meanings through the colour violet which, like no other combines contrasting qualities such as masculine and feminine (blue and red), spirituality and sensuality.

This vibrant 30 m2 space is divided into two zones: the bedroom and the bathroom with a striking floor in mosaic tiles in gradation, created with Hisbalit’s mix configurator. It is a fusion of the references Unicolor 309 (violet), Unicolor 251 (purple), Urban Chic 704 (silver) and Urban Chic 504 (white). The sink unit was surfaced with another mix of our mosaics and the wall incorporates an Art Factory design using these same references.


“Timeless” | Sandra Amate “ESPACIO 3 C”

Sandra Amate created a sophisticated suite that includes an elegant bar. For this project she chose 3 types of surfacing to highlight a personalised design created using Hisbalit’s Art Factory personalisation service with green (Unicolor 220), copper (Urban Chic 501) and black (101 interlocked). A geometric design which simulates a carpet and that is also used to cover the counter of the bar.