Marbella Design 2023

PHOTO: Gonzalo Botet /Marbella Design

The most creative versions of Hisbalit mosaic tile can be found in three spaces at  Marbella Design & Art 2023, which opened to the public last Friday and continues until Sunday November 12 at the Palacio de Ferias, Exposiciones y Congresos Adolgo Suárez de Marbella.
The renowned interior designers  Javier Escobar, Marisa Gallo and Mar Vidal  selected our 100% Spanish mosaic tile to create designer surfaces. Striking and sophisticated proposals ideal for any type of surface: walls, floors, bar or doorway arches.

Doppel Design in “EUNOIA” by Javi Esobar

FOTO: Adam García Pozo
The most striking feature of “EUNOIA”, the GM Modular Europa space, designed by Javi Escobar Interiorismo, is the designer floor, created with the new Doppel Design collection by Hisbalit. A continuous geometric pattern with a hypnotic effect on the floors and bar of this creative café that inspires happiness.

Javier Escobar chose Hisbalit’s SPITZE mosaic tile to surface the floor and bar of the café. The designer customised the original reference using 4 colours: DOPPEL 564 (dark grey) , DOPPEL 568 (white) , DOPPEL 570 (light grey) and DOPPEL 574 (dark brown). A personalised combination with a subdued and elegant style. This unique 80m2 project was created in the Hisbalit factory, where 70,560 rectangular tesserae were installed by hand.

Personalised mix in “JÜNGER” by Mar Vidal

PHOTO: Gonzalo Botet| Marbella Design

Colour and creativity in the kitchen with this project by Mar Vidal Arquitectura Interior in the Jung space at Marbella Design 2023. The 40m2 space is divided into a kitchen with a breakfast nook and an English style living room. A refreshing proposal in which Mar Vidal used Hisbalit’s mix configurator to create a personalised mix of mosaic tile in green and yellow. The design includes five references in square format (2.3×2.3cm): 4 in green tones (Unicolor 115, Unicolor 220, Unicolor 221 and Niebla 118) and one in yellow (Unicolor 301).

Over 10m2 of pure, personalised design with tiles on the staircase risers, the kitchen island, the doorway arches and a mosaic tile carpet. The size of Hisbalit tesserae allow them to adapt perfectly to any surface, flat or curved.

Mosaic with “jewel effect” in the «BACANO» restaurant by Marisa Gallo

PHOTO: Gonzalo Botet| Marbella Design

The project made use of natural elements, especially stone, wood, natural fabrics and mosaic tile, along with the most avant-garde technologies.
For an added touch of sophistication, the designer used Hisbalit’s eco-friendly mosaic tile to surface the restaurant bar and the facing shelves. Hisbalit’s Urban Chic 501 reference in a suggestive ochre with touches of old gold in two different formats: small square tesserae (2.3×2.3cm) for the front wall and larger tiles (4x4cm) for the bar.


Palacio de Ferias, Exposiciones y Congresos Adolfo Suárez de Marbella
Until Sunday, November 12, 2023!
Opening hours: 12:00 to 20:00


To visit the exhibition you will need a ticket from the official event web site. At Hisbalit we have tickets available for industry professionals. NEED ONE? Send us an email:!

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