Hisbalit tiles in the top Archilovers 2019 projects!

Professionals of interior design and architecture from around the world have spoken, choosing the best projects of 2019 in Archilovers, the prestigious professional social network used by over one million professional interior designers and architects across the globe.

Users of the platform selected 1,000 of the most outstanding interior design and architecture projects on the planet for 2019 and we are proud to announce that Hisbalit mosaic tiles played an important role in three of these projects!

The “Flamingo Beach Club” by Zooco Estudio, the “Kai La Caleta” restaurant by the In Out Studio and the futuristic dressing room from Casa Décor 2019 “Wonder Galaxy” by Patricia Bustos were among the winners for their visionary designs.

Flamingo Beach Club

Zooco Estudio was commissioned to renovate the Flamingo Club Hotel complex, a project which also received the “Architecture MasterPrize 2019” in the category of Hospitality Architecture. One of the challenges of the renovation of the main building was to simplify, refine and harmonise the different lines and varying styles of the hotel areas.


To unify and refine the image of the hotel complex the designers chose to use the colour white as the base, combined with bamboo, local Basalt, characteristic of the area, and glass. The studio combined these with Hisbalit’s eco-friendly mosaic tiles to add vibrant dashes of colour to the neutral tones and the addition of a few unique, Flamingo-themed elements.

Green was the colour of choice for Zooco Estudio to add colour to the design. In the restaurant, located in the main building, the walls were surfaced in green mosaic tiles from Hisbalit’s Chrome collection framed with bamboo slats. The square format tiles, intense and vibrant green, are ideal to infuse any space with energy and light. In the washrooms, the walls were surfaced in blue-green mosaic tile, reference 127 from Hisbalit’s Unicolor collection.

For the exteriors, the studio decided on Hisbalit’s round format tiles from the Urban Chic collection, reference 504, an iridescent white tile creating an atmosphere of glamour, verge and vitality.

Photos: imagen Subliminal

Kai La Caleta

Remaining on the island of Tenerife, we discover the enchanting Kai La Caleta restaurant, designed by the In Out Studio, with an innovative, fusion concept. The VIP dining room, one of the restaurants most special areas, is surfaced in Hisbalit mosaic tiles (Unicolor 101) in round format.

The colour of the tile and the discreet, indirect lighting combine to give this private dining area a vibrant, elegant feel. Find out more details about the project Here!

Photo: Silvia Gil Roldán

Wonder Galaxy

The futuristic dressing room produced by designer Patricia Bustos for Casa Decor 2019 was also named “Best Project Archilovers 2019”. It is especially exciting for us to see this marvellously fantastic space, in which we presented our new rectangular tile format, among the best interior design projects worldwide.

The use of fantastic colours, our new eco-friendly Doppel mosaic tiles, iridescent and velvety materials, is an invitation to “dream without limits”. This project is also a finalist in the FRAME AWARDS 2020! Want to know more about Wonder Galaxy? Click HERE!