The best hotel in Europe is in Madrid and its suites are decorated with Urban Chic tiles by Hisbalit

Axel Hotel Madrid 

Axel Hotel Madrid| Urban Chic Hisbalit

In the heart of the “Barrio de las Letras” is the Axel Hotel Madrid. This 19th century palace exudes an air of fun and relaxation. The striking renovation, with an explosive combination of styles inviting you to immerse yourself in the space, was conducted by El Equipo Creativo.

The studio wanted the interiors of the hotel to reflect an open and fun dialogue between the nobility of the Baroque styling, literary references, freedom and diversity.

Inspired by the literary heritage of the “Barrio de Las Letras” and the “Movida Madrileña” of the 1980’s, El Equipo Creativo used colour as an essential element in giving personality to the design, creating a cool and cosmopolitan atmosphere. This painstaking project was awarded Best Hotel Design in the latest edition of the International Hotel & Property Awards, in the Design-Europe category.

xplosive colours are fused with texts in bright lights and neon, recalling the “Siglo de Oro” of the “Barrio de las Letras”, with winks to contemporary popular culture. References to “España Cañí” or Gypsy Spain, bullfighting and the Movida Madrileña are found throughout the public areas of the hotel, in contrast to the Baroque details that invite us on a journey back in time.

The luxury of the piano nobile

Axel Hotel Madrid| Urban Chic Hisbalit

 The first floor of this 19th century palace is the piano nobile or noble floor, the most emblematic area of the hotel and which the designers wanted to preserve for the hotel suites. Thanks to complex restoration work this floor retains its original doors, walls and frescoed ceilings from the past.

The studio decided to give this floor, where the suites are located, an exquisite and sophisticated décor, with the colour gold prominent on walls and floors combined with fine details and comfortable furniture.

The surfaces were selected with painstaking care. The designers were looking for durable materials that combine urban cool and chic sophistication, a balance of elegant and the casual while submerging guests in a world of sensuality. El Equipo Creativo decided on mosaic tiles by Hisbalit, specifically Hisbalit’s Urban Chic collection, using the same tone (Urban Chic 512) for walls and floors. The result is striking; evoking a suggestive world of glamour and sophistication!

Photos: Axel Hotel Madrid.