Discover Hisbalit spaces at Casa Decor 2019,  Our 10th anniversary!

Wonder Galaxy | Casa Decor 2019

January 24th saw the opening of the 54th edition of Casa Décor, the most important interior design exhibition in Spain and a key event for Hisbalit! Celebrated architects and designers offer their take on the latest trends in interior design in spaces bursting with inspiration!

Casa Décor is an exhibition where creativity is the main ingredient and where Hisbalit’s presence is unconditional. We have participated since 2009 and this year is particularly special as it marks our 10th anniversary! Not something that happens every day!

The hallmark of our participation in the 2019 edition is total personalisation with a unique combination of formats, textures, finishes and colours. Avant-garde designs that, either alone or in combination, are able to fill spaces with life and vitality.

We have also organised the presentation of our new collection DOPPEL within the framework of this event that sets the trends for interior design.


Professionals choose Hisbalit

For this 54th edition of Casa Décor, we have worked with outstanding professionals from the world of architecture and interior design who chose Hisbalit to surface their unique spaces: Patricia Bustos in her “Wonder Galaxy” and Lourdes Treviño and Luis Abad from Freehand Arquitectura in “Buenas noches San Sebastián”, an experimental space by ABB NIESSEN. Hisbalit also worked in partnership with Bdelux for the space “Joyas de la Naturaleza” by Estudio Diseño Absoluto.

The qualities of our mosaic tiles in terms of design and versatility in adapting to different surfaces make Hisbalit tiles the professional’s choice. Hisbalit tiles never go unnoticed due to their careful design, original aesthetics and of course their durability.

 Where will you find Hisbalit at Casa Décor?

 “WONDER GALAXY”, space 41, third floor

Inspired by the ground breaking aesthetic of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Patricia Bustos invites us into a world of colour and surrealism; a three-dimensional reality that invokes a sci-fi aesthetic while appealing to the rediscovery of the creative energies of childhood.

This “Futuristic Childhood Revival” questions why as adults we abandon fantasy and neglect our imagination to become serious and formal. The answer is to be found in colour, and the designer has made bold use of colours to inspire creativity.

Wonder Galaxy | Casa Decor 2019

For the surfaces of the Wonder Galaxy, Patricia Bustos looked to Hisbalit mosaic tiles, a highly versatile material she has used to explore new applications through a combination of formats, textures and finishes to transform the space into a unique and original experience. SEE MORE HERE!

“Buenas Noches San Sebastián” space 33, second floor

 Experimental space by ABB NIESSEN designed by Freehand Arquitectura

Close your eyes and imagine a journey to San Sebastian, to a terrace with views over the sea and the feel of the maritime breeze. Now open your eyes enjoy the experience of “Buenas Noches San Sebastián”, an experimental space by ABB NIESSEN designed by Freehand Arquitectura for Casa Décor 2019.

Mosaic Floor | Art Factory Hisbalit

 A journey of the senses, located on the second floor of the exhibition, begins in the hallway, which mimics the reception of a hotel. A space that welcomes and conducts us through to an experimental terrace. A different atmosphere with a subtle and surprising application of the most advanced demotic technology. A unique space where you can travel to the city of San Sebastián, home of ABB NIESSEN, without leaving Madrid.

Mosaic Floor | Art Factory Hisbalit

The visitor can recreate different scenes: day, night or sunset on the Playa de la Concha viewed from a make-believe terrace with a unique designer floor from Hisbalit’s Art Factory. SEE MORE HERE!


A special partnership for the space “Joyas de la Naturaleza”

Hisbalit worked in partnership with Bdelux for the space “Joyas de la Naturaleza” by Estudio Diseño Absoluto (space 11, first floor), a hallway inspired by natural world and with a fresh and adventurous spirit.

Interior designers have bet on luxury, but without losing the nobility of the warm, inviting spaces. A surprise guest is the colour gold, used to striking effect on the floor and one wall and combined with wood. To achieve this designers selected Hisbalit’s hexagonal tiles with a gold metallic finish, produced by Bdelux.

Want to attend Casa Decor 2019?

The 54th edition of Casa Decor will be held at 86 Calle Nuñez de Balboa in Madrid. This year the exhibition will be on for six weeks, remaining open until March 10th. Tickets are available online from the official Casa Décor website.