Hisbalit at the first edition of Design Week DR!

The first edition of Design Week Dominican Republic, was held in Santo Domingo on September 25th to 29th. This unique event brought together the most prestigious artists and design studios in the country and renowned international brands, dealers and manufacturers including Hisbalit.

We didn’t want to miss the first “Dominican Design Festival” and our mosaic tiles made an appearance in HOST’EL, the space by Carabela, Tissage & Venini Santo Domingo, decorated by the Gutiérrez Rodio Workshop at Design House (Casas Nouel). Some 40 interior design professionals transformed this building into a series of unique spaces displaying the latest trends in interior design in the country.

HOST’EL, a boutique hotel with colonial charm

HOST’EL recreates a boutique hotel in the heart of the colonial district of Santo Domingo where vintage, contemporary and tropical styles are brought together to create a vivid space brimming with diversity, dynamism and luxury.

With a timeless atmosphere and striking visual impact, the three spaces are perfectly integrated using an exquisite selection of fabrics, decorative wallpapers, innovative materials and surfaces as well as a number of Murano glass objets d’art. A visual experience filled with creativity and artistic sensibility.

Fusion of styles on the terrace

The renowned studio Gutiérrez Rodio Workshop has created a tropical terrace with a dash of sophistication using innovative materials and a unique personal touch. Particularly striking was the designers’ use of Hisbalit mosaic tiles to create a spectacular folding screen in vibrant colours as a vivid addition to the terrace.

Thanks to Hisbalit’s Art Factory Service the studio was able to “customise” the design of the screen using green, white and pink tesserae from Hisbalit’s Unicolor, Aqualuxe and Urban Chic collections.

Other surprises on the HOST’EL terrace included 3 corner tables surfaced in Hisbalit mosaic tiles. These attractive pieces were custom designed by the studio using the same tesserae as the screen providing an added touch of creativity.

The space was a hit with visitors during the four-day exhibition and was among the list of favourites of the 40 spaces by renowned Dominican designers, artists and architects such as  Antonio Segundo Imbert, Ninouska Nova, Alejandro Marranzini, Yudelka Checo and Felipe Rangel,

Design Week DR

The experience of this first edition of Design Week DR also extended to other venues throughout the colonial district where exhibitions, workshops, special presentations were held, offering discounts on both local and international brands and designers.

The event will also include the “Redesigning Tradition” and “Made in DR” contests, aiming to recognise, reward and promote new and innovative proposals in contemporary design by Dominican artists and designers.