Hisbalit at the 5th edition of Marbella Design Art

Hisbalit mosaic tiles, at their most creative and artisanal will be present at Marbella Design Art 2022, held from November 3rd to 13th at the Palacio de Ferias, Exposiciones y Congresos Adolfo Suárez in Marbella.
Dozens of interior designers, and over 150 brands will participate in this renowned art and interior design trade fair celebrating its 5th anniversary. The fair takes place over 11 days with a display of the latest trends in luxury décor and interior design. As an added attraction, the event will include an exhibition of international contemporary art in the public areas of the fairgrounds and at specific stands.

“LIVING BATH” | NATUZZI Italia by Helena Rocha

Hisbalit mosaic tiles are a part of “Living Bath”, the NATUZZI space designed by Helena Rocha, an original “boutique bathroom”, a place to enjoy a soothing bath and also unwind in an intimate boudoir integrated into the same space. An oasis of relaxation that makes use of organic, natural materials with an attractive interplay of light and shadows on the walls.

YUTE and CARBÓN | RAW Hisbalit

One of the most striking features of this space is the floor, custom designed by Helena Rocha using the Art Factory Hisbalit personalisation service. The architect created an elegant ‘a la carte’ design using Hisbalit’s Raw mosaic tiles, the new collection with an artisanal aesthetic using undulated 4×4 tiles inspired in traditional materials, recovering the vernacular, the natural, returning to essentials. This is the first time the collection has been used to create a striking and innovative floor design.


Photo: Paloma Pacheco Turnes | Fhe

Symmetry, sinuous forms, an interplay of light and shadow, imperfect textures and materials that connect with nature. These are the key features of the “Marbella Luxury Suite”, an inspiring luxury suite designed down to the last detail by José Lara Interiorismo for the NEOLITH space.

With unique, personalised elements, the space exudes a stately and ordered elegance with a dash of risqué appeal.

Vainille, Unicolor 101 y Fraise

The spectacular bathroom-dressing room of the suite includes a striking designer floor, handcrafted in Hisbalit’s eco-friendly mosaic tile and an attractive interplay of curves with a harmonious chromatic palette of pastel colours (pink and vanilla) elegantly matched with black .SEE MORE!


During the trade fair, a number of exhibitors will offer talks and workshops on their latest products. At 19:00 on Tuesday, November 8th, Hisbalit will offer a presentation “Trends in eco-friendly mosaic tiles for 2023”, offering visitors to Marbella Design Art on ‘in situ’ look at the latest from Hisbalit for the coming year. This event will be free for all visitors to the fair.

Hisbalit in the previous edition

In the last edition of Marbella Design, Hisbalit was part of two spaces. The first, “Forms of fire”, the Ferromagno space by José Lara, a tribute to craftmanship which received the award for “Best Use of Colour”.
José Lara chose the new RAW collection, evoking the look and feel of natural fibres and craftsmanship to surface the elegant columns that lead to the sophisticated space. SEE MORE DETAILS!

The other space was “Raíces”, by Javier Escobar, recreating the foyer of a hotel reflecting the traditions and agricultural history of the land of El Ejido with natural features and artisanal craft.
The artist created a mural from a design created with the Art Factory Hisbalit personalisation service and installed piece by piece using clay mortar. SEE MORE!


At Hisbalit we offer tickets and special discounts for the 5th anniversary of Marbella Design Art Send an email to our marketing department (eabascal@hisbalit.es) with your request!