Casa Decor visits Hisbalit

On June 18th, Hisbalit, in partnership with Casa Décor, organised an unforgettable work project. Renowned architects and interior designers visited our facilities for an opportunity to learn every step of the production process, from the raw materials to the finished product. They also discovered the infinite possibilities offered by our mosaic tiles and the personalisation service.

The visitors included thirteen professionals who participated in Casa Decor 2019: Fabián Ñiguez, José Lara Interiorismo, Almudena Vello, Clara Rodríguez-Spireti, Adriana Somoza, Manuel Espejo, Virginia Albuja, Sherina Hidalgo, Juan Carlos Remedio, Blanca Hevia, Lorena del Pozo, Gabriel Bautista and Marisa Gutiérrez. As well as Alicia García Cabrero, Director of Casa Décor and Macarena Velilla and Covadonga Pendones.

They were thrilled to see the production process and with the ecological and sustainability aspects of the product. Seeing Hisbalit from inside helped them to understand the versatility offered by mosaic tiles.

“We are used to seeing mosaic tiles from the creative point of view of an interior designer but to know the raw material and the manufacturing process has helped us to understand the range of possibilities Hisbalit has to offer a professional to make any project a reality”, observed Alicia García, director of Casa Décor.

Creation action with Art Factory

Another aspect of note for the designers was the craftsmanship of the manufacturing process. Witnessing the manual labour of the process helped them to have a different vision of Hisbalit. They also discovered the secrets of Hisbalit’s Art Factory personalisation service. They participated in a creative action in which they themselves installed the tesserae created a customised design with their initials.

The day also included a visit to the Centro Botín, by Renzo Piano, where they could see the product applied in bathrooms and dressing rooms (Urban Chic collection). We also took a boat tour and enjoyed some fun times together.

Thank you for inspiring us with your creativity and enjoy a memorable day at Hisbalit! Special thanks to Casa Décor for making the day possible. For us it was the perfect ending to our 10th anniversary of our participation in the most important design and lifestyle exhibition in Spain.