Hisbalit in Casa Décor 2020

Once again, Hisbalit will participate in Casa Décor, the most prestigious interior design event in Spain, held from March 5th to April 19th in Madrid.   

This is an essential event for us, where professionals from the world of interior design present the latest trends of the sector through spaces bursting with inspiration and creativity!

Last year we celebrated our tenth anniversary as a participant in this renowned event, which extended its run by one week and achieved a record 52,216 visitors. Our 10th anniversary was an opportunity to present our new collection, Doppel. Interior designer Patricia Bustos incorporated our new rectangular mosaic tile into her spectacular “Wonder Galaxy”, a futuristic dressing room that was a finalist for the FRAME AWARDS 2020.

Hisbalit was also present in the experimental space by ABB NIESSEN “Buenas Noches San Sebastián” designed by Freehand Arquitectura, with a designer floor produced by Hisbalit’s Art Factory.

On Thursday March 5th, the doors will open at “Velázquez 21” for Casa Décor 2020, a very special edition for which we’ve prepared the launch of our latest innovations!

The sustainability edition

The 55th edition of Casa Décor will be held at a turn-of-the-century palace at Calle Velázquez 21, having the principal theme of “sustainability”. The exhibition will show how it’s possible to create efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly interiors. The event will showcase eco-friendly materials  such as our mosaic tiles, manufactured using 100% recycled, high quality glass and all-natural pigments.

Where will Casa Decor 2020 be held?

Located in the heart of the Salamanca district, in the first blocks of Calle Velázquez is the spectacular building that will host the event, a palace built in 1904 by the architect José Espelíus Anduaga for the Marquis of Frómista. The building has a strikingly eclectic style, with a brick façade, organic forms and a chamfered tower crowned by an umbrella dome with glassed-in galleries.

The building, located at Calle Velázquez 21, offers a space of over 5,000 m2 where renowned architects and interior designers have created  65 different spaces, displaying the latest trends in the sector for over 6 weeks. You can enjoy the exhibition until March 25th!

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets online from the official website of the event.

Want to know more about the spaces where we will be participating in this 55th edition of Casa Décor? Watch for news on our social networks! We’ll give you some clues!