Hisbalit wins the ‘Best Of Houzz 2020’ Award  

This annual award recognises professionals in the residential design and renovation sector with the highest valuation and most popular designs on the platform

Hisbalit has won the ‘Best Design and Customer Service Award” from Houzz, the leading home design and renovation platform. “With this double recognition, we now have 4 Best Of Houzz Awards in the category of Design and two in Customer Service. Additionally, Hisbalit  has won 4 further awards as one of the most influential and most highly recommended company of the sector on the platform”.

“This award is a great honour for Hisbalit, a recognition from millions of users of the Houzz community among over 2.5 million companies within the residential design, renovation and construction sector”.

 “Winning the Best Of Houzz Design Award means our projects are among the most popular and highly valued by the Houzz community. The award in the “Customer Service” category is also recognition of our increasing positive valuations in 2019”.

 Project awarded in Houzz

The users of Houzz  chose this photograph from the “IF FOULT” project as one of the most popular images on the platform. The project is a private pool designed by Jane & Font. The architecture studio works with geometry and diverse volumes for the seamless integration of the pool and house into the natural environment. A key element in this harmonious balance was the use of Hisbalit’s grey mosaic tiles (Stone 570) creating a fusion between the colour of the pool and the blue sky.

Best Of Houzz

The “Best Of Houzz” is awarded annually in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. The award in the “Design” category recognises the most popular and highly rated projects by the Houzz community. The “Customer Service “ award goes to those professionals who, among other factors, received the most numerous positive evaluations for quality of the services provided to their clients in 2019. Finally, the “Photography” award is bestowed by Houzz members on the most popular  photographers of 2019 specialising in residential architecture and design.

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