1st solidarity workshop “Buscando Sonrisas”

Actions that make a difference! There is no doubt that the Hisbalit team was deeply moved by the first Christmas ornaments workshop using mosaic tiles for hospitalised children. We organised this wonderful initiative in collaboration with the charity “Buscando Sonrisas”.

On November 26th, four Hisbalit employees shared an afternoon of fun and lots of creativity with children in the paediatric ward of the Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla.

A two hour workshop was organised to create Christmas ornaments and cards using colourful tesserae. We invited the children to imagine their perfect Christmas decoration, using the patterns and combining the tiles to create new and magical ornaments with Hisbalit. They imaginations roamed free and they became great little heroes of creativity… and best of all? They forgot they were in hospital for a few hours.

We were able to add a touch of colour to their hospital Christmas tree and to fill them with excitement about the ornaments they created and would hang in their homes when they get better. This was a wonderfully enriching experience made possible thanks to the cooperation of the charity “Buscando Sonrisas” who were a great help to us in making this initiative a reality.

A team effort

Apart from the four employees who participated at the hospital, chosen by lottery from among those who volunteered for the initiative, other colleagues worked to  prepare all the materials necessary for the workshop. They cut patterns, selected colours, collected materials, cardstock, etc… making sure nothing was missing. A reflection of the commitment and dedication of Hisbalit personnel to this initiative and a demonstration that team work works!

“An experience I will never forget” Marián Blanco

Marián works in the gluing area of the factory. She had never participated in this type of thing before and when she heard about it she decided to get involved and enjoy a new experience. “I will never forget it” she says. An experience that makes you think about what is really important and that we forget in day to day life.

“An opportunity to share moments of creativity with work colleagues” Antonio Jover

For Antonio, head of the Export Department, participating in this workshop was a very enriching experience. “It was a pleasure to enjoy a couple of hours of fun with the kids”, he says. He also noted that the initiative allowed him to share moments of creativity with colleagues from other departments with whom he normally works. Antonio also got to know about “Buscando Sonrisas” and the important work they do.

“It was a really fun workshop. I’m looking forward to the next one” Julián Moreno

Julián works as an installer at Hisbalit, who demonstrated his skill and dexterity in placing every tesserae perfectly during the workshop, which he says was lots of fun. When he heard about the initiative, he encouraged the whole team to participate and is “looking forward to the next one”.

“We got the kids to have fun and disconnect for a few hours” Elena Abascal

It was an enriching experience for Elena from the Marketing Department. “It was an afternoon full of fun and teamwork. We got the kids to disconnect for a few hours”. She was amazed at the creativity of the kids, who let their imagination run wild.