Hisbalit at Casa Decor 2021

Photo: Casa Decor | Nacho Uribesalazar

Hisbalit is participating in Casa Decor 2021. The company is celebrating its 12th years as a participant in this celebrated interior design event.

Eco-friendly mosaic tiles are playing an important role in this 56th edition of Casa Décor, founded on the principles of “evolution in interior design and sustainability”. Hisbalit identifies entirely with these two principles. Hisbalit is committed to environmental responsibility, the possibilities of interior design and personalisation. With a wide range of colours and a variety of different formats, Hisbalit’s eco-friendly mosaic tiles are the material of choice for three renowned design studios in creating their unique, environmentally sustainable spaces.

Casa Decor 2021 is the ideal venue for Hisbalit to present its latest collection, Black & White, inspired in music.


“MISS YOUR KISS” | Espacio VG Living

Nº 4 | Second floor entrance hall

Casa decor
Photo: Casa Decor | Nacho Uribesalazar

The interior design studio VG Living pays tribute to the kisses and emotions saved up during the pandemic in “Miss your kiss”, the second floor entrance hall of Casa Decor 2021. A colourfully modern and evocative space with a designer floor from Art Factory Hisbalit. FIND ALL THE DETAILS HERE!

CECI N’EST PAS UNE SALLE DE MUSIQUE” Between magical realism and haute couture | Grupo Impar | Equipo Impar Arquitectura & Management

Space nº 48 | Music Room, 5ª planta

Photo: Casa Decor | Luis Hevia

Grupo Impar presents in Casa Decor 2021 a sophisticated music room inspired by the renowned couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga and the surrealist painter René Magritte, creative geniuses of the 20th century and contemporaries at Canalejas 3. Among the most striking features is the haute couture and designer surfaces. The DOTS model from Art Factory Hisbalit, OSTINATO and SOPRANO, from the new Black & White collection. CLICK HERE FOR ALL DETAILS OF THIS SPACE!

“MEDINA” | Drimdeco by Cuadriman | Blanca Hevia

Space nº 54 | Gallery, ground floor

Hisbalit is also present in “MEDINA”  Drimdeco by Cuadriman, designed by Blanca Hevia. The space evokes the life, aroma and sounds of Mediterranean Morocco thanks to the “power of the image”.

Blanca has created a personalised design inspired in the “Medinas of Morocco” for the floors and one of the walls of the space. FIND ALL THE DETAILS HERE!


We look forward to seeing you on June 27th at Plaza de Canalejas 3, in Madrid!
IMPORTANT! Due to Covid 19, occupancy is restricted. Purchase your tickets online and RESERVE A TIME on the official website of the exhibition. NEED TICKETS? CLICK HERE!