Non-slip finishes

New international building standards and codes place special emphasis on the prevention of slip and fall hazards.

As part of its continuous development of new products, Hisbalit has developed a complete range of anti-slip products which guarantee maximum safety and meet all normative requirements while offering the same extensive range of colours clients have come to expect from Hisbalit.

We offer 2 types of anti-slip surfaces (finishes) which can meet any requirements.

The Class 3 NON-SLIP finish complies with UNE-ENV 12633:2003 standard, Rd>45 method, according to Hisbalit test results used in Spain’s CTE (Código Técnico de la Edificación / Building Technical Code) in its section “Safety against fall risk”.

Detailed information, tables, standards and tests results obtained by Hisbalis (PDF format):


  • Non-slip finihes and characteristics
  • The choice of the correct finish according to applicable standards
  • How is the slip resistance of materials regulated?
  • Specifications and classification of materials according to standard and test results: PENDULUM, TORTUS METHOD, Slip Resistance (BAREFOOT and wearing shoes) testings.
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