Hisbalit, leader in the design and manufacture of mosaic tiles, was founded in 1964 in Soto de la Marina, Cantabria, and has become the oldest mosaic tile manufacturer in Europe

During its 55-year history, Hisbalit has raised to the art of mosaic tiles to its maximum expression, becoming a reference in the design, customisation and manufacture of ecological mosaic tiles of the highest quality, operating in over 70 countries around the world.

Hisbalit tiles stand out as an eco-friendly material with a wide range of references, finishes, textures and formats available in a immense variety of colours

with over 200 different combinations to choose from

Hisbalit is dedicated to creativity and cutomisation with its unique Art Factory service, creating 100% hand-crafted projects that can bring any idea to life in mosaic tiles.

Hisbalit mosaic tiles are 100% Spanish, the best, cleanest, most perfect tiles on the market. The non-porous surface has 0% absorption, is highly resistant to chemical agents and remains totally unaltered over time, with an estimated lifespan of 30 to 40 years. Hisbalit tiles are easy to install on any type of surface and require minimal maintenance, are easy to clean and totally hygenic and anti-allergenic.

Watch this video to meet the entire Hisbalit family!

Team Hisbalit

The secret to Hisbalit’s success has been its team of over 100 dedicated professionals. Just as with design for mosaic tiles, each member of the Hisbalit team plays an essential role. Truly, “it’s the combination of all its parts that makes it shine”.

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