Mes: julio 2019

Casa Decor visits Hisbalit

On June 18th, Hisbalit, in partnership with Casa Décor, organised an unforgettable work project. Renowned architects and interior designers visited our facilities for an opportunity to learn every step of the production process, from the raw materials to the finished product. They also discovered the infinite possibilities offered by our mosaic tiles and the personalisation … Leer más

MODEH 8! Time for take-off! 

At Hisbalit we’re grabbing our suitcase to enjoy a getaway to real life paradises of design! Enclaves to enjoy the silence, the sound of the sea and recharge your batteries! A dose of much-needed relaxation to keep our creativity flowing! Download MODEH 8 In this most refreshing edition of MODEH we will also show you: … Leer más